The Nehemiah Way is an idea we strive for as a team. Nick was inspired by the Book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament when naming his company. Nehemiah was the original general contractor, rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and helping restore peace in the city. Nehemiah General Contractors wants to make the construction process a positive experience allowing you to focus on the improvements we?re making. We understand that construction in someone?s life can feel intrusive and chaotic, but the Nehemiah Way means that all actions we take for your job are in service to the well-being of you, your family, and our work together.

The Team

Nick Muller is the owner and founder of Nehemiah General Contractors. Nick was born into a working construction family in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1998, he came out to Fort Collins, Colorado to complete a bachelor?s degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University. Nick has been working in the high-end, new-home and remodel industry for the past 20 years and has been building and remodeling in central Denver since 2003. Outside of NGC, he?s working on home projects for his wife, Kristin, or watching their four boys play sports. They love to road trip and are currently building up their boys? Junior Ranger badge collection from National Parks across the country.

Nehemiah General Contractors is a Colorado based, family owned business focusing on construction and remodeling with a clear conscience. Service, honesty, and a passion for getting it right is the Nehemiah Way. We work hard to fulfill dreams: your dreams as our client and our dreams as a company. We believe our success is marked by your satisfaction with the end results and the process of getting there. We achieve this by upholding the highest quality standards, implementing effective communication, and treating you and your home with respect.

Nick Muller

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Robert Kruse

Robert is one of our Chief Implementation Officers. Born and raised in Colorado, he lives in Littleton with his wife where they raised three children. Coming from commercial construction management experience, Robert knows how to juggle a construction schedule to keep things efficient. He isn?t afraid of calling a subcontractor one or two (or three) times to communicate the agenda. He loves to cook and is known to make a mean BBQ sauce currently in use at Buckhorn Exchange. You may even get lucky enough to enjoy his cinnamon rolls he brings to the job site every so often.


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HT Davis

Davis, Chief Implementation Officer, is a carpenter by trade and a craftsman at managing a job site. When fitting and finishing your remodel, he won?t accept measurements over 1/16? out of line so you can rest easy that your trim will be plumb and the details are being caught. Davis lives in Broomfield with his wife and two children. He?s an avid music fan and promises green chili goes with everything.




Dustin Wheeler

Dustin Wheeler is a Colorado native. He is fairly new to the professional construction industry, but has grown up building things, from home remodel and landscaping projects with his family, to automotive maintenance and modification. He has always enjoyed working with his hands and trying to solve problems in creative ways. When he is not working, Dustin enjoys anything to do with nature and loves to camp, off-road, hunt, and fish.




Bill Rector

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Joleen Specht

Joleen Specht is a recent transplant to Colorado from Wisconsin.? With over 25 years? experience in successfully managing teams and projects at a leadership level while driving organizational improvements, she is able to direct complex projects from concept to fully operational status. The customer?s experience is a driving force in all things.? Joleen and her husband have three grown daughters with 7 grandchildren between them.? She loves to entertain and gather with friends and family.


Kevin Roach











Steve Ward

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Ashley Cooksey

Ashley is a Colorado native who grew up in Aurora and found her heart in Fort Collins before relocating back to Denver. She graduated from Colorado State University (go Rammies!) and has extensive experience serving customers in various capacities ranging from brewing up lattes to managing website builds for small businesses. Her heart for others and deep desire for positive impact drive her excitement to serve NGC Customers who seek a reliable and intentional team to make their construction dreams a reality. Ashley is also a fitness enthusiast and foodie with a passion for Jesus and spending time in community with others.

Kathy Schissler

Kathy Schissler joined NGC at the beginning of 2020.? She is our Talent Development Manager. Kathy helps our team get into position to all perform at our best.? She is a Colorado native but spent time in Florida enough to be a little ‘southern’.? She is married and has 3 kids. She enjoys movies, hiking and deep conversations that lead to personal discovery.





Our Process

Design Development

We take ?measure twice, cut once? to a new level. After an initial meeting(s), we typically undergo a design development phase with you. We ask for a fee for this service which will range in price depending on how extensive NGC?s role will be in the design phase. We can provide architectural plans or we can simply evaluate existing plans for construction. We approach every job with a design-build mentality and work closely with the design partners involved to capture the details on paper before construction.

At the end of this design phase, it?s our goal to have architectural plans, a written scope of work, a critical path construction schedule, finish schedules, and an accurate bid for review. During the design phase, we will visit the site as required with our subcontractors to investigate the existing conditions. We do this to try to avoid any surprises that may affect the scope later. We invest a significant amount of time organizing the job on the front end which is why we ask you to invest in NGC during this design development phase.


Let the work commence! One of our Chief Implementation Officers (CIO) will be dedicated to your job. They will manage the subcontractors and are responsible for implementing your plans. Providing updates to the schedule every week, our CIOs are an open resource for you. They will schedule regular site meetings with you and the design team throughout the job.

If anything were to change over the course of the project, regarding scope or an unforeseen lead time for a finish, our CIOs will communicate the potential change with you immediately and review how it might impact the job. We strive to keep our systems tight, but customize the construction and communication process to fit your lifestyle.