The Nehemiah Way is an idea we strive for as a team. Nick was inspired by the Book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament when naming his company. Nehemiah was the original general contractor, rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and helping restore peace in the city. Nehemiah General Contractors wants to make the construction process a positive experience allowing you to focus on the improvements we’re making. We understand that construction in someone’s life can feel intrusive and chaotic, but the Nehemiah Way means that all actions we take for your job are in service to the well-being of you, your family, and our work together.

The Team

Nick Muller is the owner and founder of Nehemiah General Contractors. Nick was born into a working construction family in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1998, he came out to Fort Collins, Colorado to complete a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University. Nick has been working in the high-end, new-home and remodel industry for the past 20 years and has been building and remodeling in central Denver since 2003. Outside of NGC, he’s working on home projects for his wife, Kristin, or watching their four boys play sports. They love to road trip and are currently building up their boys’ Junior Ranger badge collection from National Parks across the country.

Nehemiah General Contractors is a Colorado based, family owned business focusing on construction and remodeling with a clear conscience. Service, honesty, and a passion for getting it right is the Nehemiah Way. We work hard to fulfill dreams: your dreams as our client and our dreams as a company. We believe our success is marked by your satisfaction with the end results and the process of getting there. We achieve this by upholding the highest quality standards, implementing effective communication, and treating you and your home with respect.

Nick Muller

Andy Elkins


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Brett Hamm

Lead Carpenter

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Ashlie Petronaci

Director of Project Management

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Dustin Wheeler


Dustin is a Colorado Native and that’s permanent. One fun fact about Dustin is that he is the master of knowing random facts about pretty much anything! What he loves about this industry is his passion for building and being hands on creative with each element of a project. Dustin is just all around kind and genuine. He cares about people and giving back to others. Every year he goes on a Mexico Missions trip to help build homes and also participates with Nehemiah’s Belize orphanage efforts.

Alex Krutikov


I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, my family moved to Colorado in 2002. From a young age my father introduced me to the construction process as he was a home builder, later we worked together installing wood floors and taking on various carpentry projects. The construction industry is exciting and challenging at the same time, but most of all it is always rewarding to see how our hard work makes a big difference in our customer’s life. My wife Anna and I are raising two boys and are thrilled to be part of Nehemiah family.

Chris Wenhold


Chris is a multifaceted craftsman with an eye for detail. In January of 2020, Chris relocated to Denver from Philadelphia, PA with the drive and determination to take his career to the highest level of excellence. He has brought with him over 14 years experience in all stages of residential remodeling and an excellent history of client satisfaction. It is rare to see him without a smile on his face and a positive, can do attitude in his tool belt. Chris and his wife, Taylor, are completely overjoyed to have found their home with the Nehemiah family.

Julie Gibbs

Director of Finance

I am from Scottsdale, Arizona and thankful to be in Colorado. I can’t believe I survived in that heat! I love to cook. Cooking relaxes me and brings me a lot of joy to serve others. What I love about being in this industry is our company’s ability to make client’s dreams come true. This brings me a lot of joy and also I am very proud of the work my team has done. They are experts at what they do! If there is one cause that I am passionate about is serving people. If it is just a smile or if it’s to lend a hand with a friend who is almost blind and needs my eyes in taking her to the grocery store, I treat it as an honor to serve and show that person the love and dignity they deserve.

Kathy Schissler

Director of HR/Talent Management

Believe it or not, my birth certificate says “Denver, Colorado”. I am a certified native! I love hosting women’s retreats with an element of adventure. Our industry gives me the chance to be a student every single day. I love how Nehemiah earnestly tries to bridge the gap between a constantly shifting economy and helping bring our client’s dreams to life within the shifts.  Someday I would like to take my grandkids on a drive around Denver to show and tell the story of the projects I got to be part of. I am passionate about helping people find freedom to thrive. Encouraging others with both practical help and good words is a worthy use of my time.

Kristin Muller

Office Assistant To Leadership

Kristin is a rare native to Colorado and was born and raised in Denver. She helped Nick start Nehemiah GC in 2011, but took many years away to raise and homeschool her four boys. She loves to travel with her family, especially to National Parks and anywhere that wonderful memories are made. She is passionate about teaching her boys through all experiences of life and raising them to be impactful in whatever path God leads them. Kristin also loves to scrapbook, care for her chickens and dog, and help Nick and the boys with whatever remodel project is currently underway. She is excited to be back to work for Nehemiah GC.

Steve Ward


Steve is the son of an Army Officer, so his family relocated regularly during his childhood. He moved to Colorado to attend CU, Go Buffs!, and has been here since. He enjoys playing basketball, cycling, & enjoying the great outdoors of Colorado.





Kam Jensen

Project Manager

Born and raised in Denver, I received my Interior Design degree from a local college and jumped right into the construction industry. The most rewarding part of my career is having the opportunity to be part of impactful transformations. When a vision comes to life it’s more than a new space – it’s a representation of inspiration, hard work & collaboration. My biggest passion in life is rescuing dogs, specifically the misunderstood breeds. Providing dogs with their second chance to feel love, know trust and have safety is the most rewarding experience I have had in my life.

Casey Yazzie Bauer

Project Manager

Casey was born in Western New York and raised in Colorado. Boasting over 21 years of experience in the construction industry, Casey fuels her passion through building strong relationships with each of her clients. She loves to be on site and a part of the team, through all aspects of the project. In her free time, Casey and her family share a passion to rescue and rehabilitate animals on her urban farm.



Sarah Young

Project Coordinator

I was born and raised in Morrison, Colorado, and graduated from Colorado State.  I have been in the construction industry for 18 years and the expression on people’s faces when they see their dream come to life is my favorite part of the process.  When I am not working, I am hanging-out with my friends, cats, plants and cooking up feast and goodies to share!   I always have the travel bug and love, love, love hanging on the beach in Mexico. I am excited for this new opportunity to learn and expand my construction knowledge further.

Our Process

Design Development

We take “measure twice, cut once” to a new level. After an initial meeting(s), we typically undergo a design development phase with you. We ask for a fee for this service which will range in price depending on how extensive NGC’s role will be in the design phase. We can provide architectural plans or we can simply evaluate existing plans for construction. We approach every job with a design-build mentality and work closely with the design partners involved to capture the details on paper before construction.

At the end of this design phase, it’s our goal to have architectural plans, a written scope of work, a critical path construction schedule, finish schedules, and an accurate bid for review. During the design phase, we will visit the site as required with our subcontractors to investigate the existing conditions. We do this to try to avoid any surprises that may affect the scope later. We invest a significant amount of time organizing the job on the front end which is why we ask you to invest in NGC during this design development phase.


Let the work commence! One of our Project Managers will be dedicated to your job. They will manage the subcontractors and are responsible for implementing your plans. Providing updates to the schedule every week, our PMs are an open resource for you. They will schedule regular site meetings with you and the design team throughout the job.

If anything were to change over the course of the project, regarding scope or an unforeseen lead time for a finish, our PMs will communicate the potential change with you immediately and review how it might impact the job. We strive to keep our systems tight, but customize the construction and communication process to fit your lifestyle.